Who are iEnergi?


Design and engineer customised heating and cooling solutions for high-end residential and commercial building projects.

Professionals for professionals

Work with architects, builders and their clients to deliver the ultimate indoor environment for home owners and office occupants.

State of the Art

Preserve aesthetic appeal across the entire building through the use of World’s best HVAC products and technology


We specialise in the design and installation of bespoke heating, cooling, hot water services and renewable energy systems to premium domestic and light commercial applications.


Our engineers are qualified experts in the engineering and installation of all the systems we use.

Wi-Fi Controls

By using state of the art Wi-Fi controls we lead the way in ‘modern day solutions’ and with these we are able to offer the end user the most comfortable and controllable solution.

Energy Smart

Our focus is energy smart solutions within the heating and cooling industry & have years of experience with all of the products we offer.

Our Process

1. Consult

  • This detailed session will allow us to listen to your needs and give you information on the perfect solution for you. Our point of difference; our tailor designed solutions offer you more control than any other system out there.

2. Engineering

  • After our consultation stage, our in-house engineers will calculate all aspects of your project to ensure maximum efficiency and complete home comfort.

3. Project Management

  • Our qualified installation team will manage your project from start to finish and offer professional advice along the way. Our on-site teams are backed up by an assigned (in-house) project manager who will communicate & organise all stages of work with you.

4. Product Packages

  • We have very good relationships with leading heating and cooling brands and provide you with competitive prices and a variety of product options.

5. Installation and Wi-Fi set up

  • Our tradespeople will come to your site and install and configure all aspects of the project. They will configure the wifi controller so it’s all ready to go.