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Hydronic Underfloor Heating

Warm, ambient, superior comfort

Stepping onto a warm floor is the perfect way to start your morning. At iEnergi, we’re the specialist in tailoring gas-fired and heat pump hydronic heating to match your interior. Think even, ambient temperatures and superior levels of comfort… clean heating and boosted efficiency… and renewable energy options – that’s hydronic heating.

What are the types of underfloor heating?

  • In slab:As the name suggests this is added as the concrete slab is being poured. Slabs are generally 150-250mm in depth.
  • Screed:Sits on top of your slab and offers increased heat up times and increased efficiencies due to only heating a 50-70mm screed compared to 150-250mm slab.
  • Minitec: Also sits on top of your slab but only takes up a very small layer of space and is the ultimate retrofit option. The total build up of floor is 20mm which makes it perfect for retrofit options.
  • Heat Emission Plates: Sits on top of timber floor joists. The aluminium sheet distributes the heat to the timber or concrete floor on top. Perfect for 1st floor installation.

New builds

Also known as in-slab hydronic heating this is the perfect ‘silent’ and gentle heating solution for your home.

Advantages of Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating takes advantage of your entire slab as a source of heat storage and distribution and is the ideal solution for large open living areas.

Virtually dust free

Because no air is being moved around your home, movement of dust is kept to an absolute minimum adding further comfort outcomes for you and your family

Ultimate in comfort and enjoyment

As the concrete slowly releases the heat, household occupants enjoy more comfort over an extended period of time.