Delivering heat where you want it

Sleek, elegant, stylish, modern and very thermally efficient. Radiators are the ideal choice for both new and established indoor environments.

What are the main types of radiators?

Standard Radiators

  • DeLonghi Radel Steel Panel

  • Delonghi Radel Vertical Steel Panel

  • DeLonghi Linear Steel Panel

  • DeLonghi Linear Vertical Steel Panels

  • Sirius Aluminium

  • Cast Iron Radiators

Heated Towel Rails

  • DeLonghi Richmond


  • DeLonghi Iconic


Special Order Radiators

  • DeLonghi Tubular

  • DeLonghi Miro

  • DeLonghi Safe Touch Steel Panel

  • Hunt Cast Iron

  • Jaga Strada

  • Jaga Tempo

Designer Radiators

  • Bells Beach

  • A 25

  • Ovali

  • Jaga Iguana Aplano

  • Ellipsis

  • Jaga Iguana Circo

Little to no dust

Minimal air movement means less dust when compared to fan driven heating alternatives.

European quality

iEnergi use and recommend Italian designed and made, DeLonghi Radel Steel Panel radiators