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Keeps you cool in Summer and warm in Winter

Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning Systems designed for Melbourne

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning is one of your best options for heating and cooling your home in Melbourne. With the system’s high capacity, unobtrusive design, and quiet operation, you can expect superior climate control all year round.

Why iEnergi for Melbourne and surrounds?

We strive to provide the most efficient ducted refrigerated air conditioning systems tailored to our customers’ budgets and individual requirements. Our wide portfolio of brands allows you to choose the right solutions for your home or commercial property.

Enjoy Time-Tested and Reliable Climate Control

A ducted refrigerated air conditioning system operates on the same principle as other types of refrigeration devices. The system includes an outdoor condenser unit housing a compressor. This equipment conditions indoor air, removing the heat before pumping it back into the interior through a series of ducts that are connected to different areas of the property.

Ready for all seasons that Melbourne has to offer

During the summer months, the system distributes cooled air throughout the home or office building, providing much-needed cool comfort to the occupants. In winter, reverse-cycle air conditioning can be performed by the system. Instead of cooling indoor air, it can heat the air to provide warmth to the people indoors.

Why choose a ducted refrigerated air conditioning system for your Melbourne property?

Installing a ducted refrigerated air conditioning system in your home or business property in Melbourne affords a number of benefits:

Entire Home Solution

If you prefer to have your entire home air conditioned, choosing ducted refrigerated air conditioning is perfect for you. There will be no need to install separate individual air conditioning or heating units in each room of your house.


A ducted refrigerated air conditioning system can be customised according to the size and style of your property. The models’ cooling capacities can range anywhere from 7 Kw to 30 Kw or more. This multiplicity of choices means there is a system that is just right for your needs.

Aesthetically Appealing – Discretion Assured

With the outdoor unit positioned outside the property, and the indoor unit and ductwork hidden above the ceiling or beneath the floors, a ducted refrigerated air conditioning system is the ultimate unobtrusive solution. Only the ductwork’s outlet grilles will be visible, allowing you to preserve much of the look and design of your property’s interiors.

Easy Zoning

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning systems come in models that can be managed into separate zones via a single, central controller. This means you can set temperatures and air flow levels in individual rooms, giving you the zoning flexibility that is also afforded by non-centralised air conditioning solutions.

Air Filtering Capability

To protect your family’s health, ducted refrigerated air conditioning systems typically come with a filtering unit. This device filters the refrigerated or heated air before being pumped back indoors, ensuring that your indoor air quality is always up to standard.

Inverter Technology for More Energy-Savings

Installing a ducted refrigerated air conditioning system that comes built with inverter technology is key to helping you save more money. Because the system can adjust the power consumption based on the room temperature and compressor speed, energy expenditure is optimised, helping the occupants to save money in the long run.

Discover the Best Ducted Refrigerated System for Your Melbourne Home

If you’re thinking of having a ducted refrigerated air conditioning system installed in your Melbourne property, now is the time to do it. With guidance from iEnergi’s engineers and qualified climate control specialists, you’ll be able to get the best system for your house of commercial building.